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ROSSELLÓ Abogados participated in the first concession granted directly as a result of a Private Initiative

ROSSELLÓ Abogados acted as legal advisor to the consortium composed of Graña y Montero Petrolera and Oiltanking Perú, which was recently awarded with the first infrastructure concession granted directly as a result of a Private Initiative (PI). “This Project is very important not only because it is a transport alternative which will compete with the LNG transportation which has been done almost exclusively by sea from Pisco to Callao, but also because it was the first infrastructure concession Project awarded directly by the Republic of Peru, through PROINVERSIÓN, to a private investors who suggested the development of such Project by means of a Private Initiative”, indicated Hugo Morote, partner of ROSSELLÓ Abogados. The PI allow for a private investor to identify a certain project involving state-owned assets y present it to the corresponding governmental authority for its evaluation. If the project is declared of interest by the State, a three-month period is granted so that any interested third parties may express its interest in participating in a bid against the one who suggested the project was developed. In such case, the interested third party has to present the guarantees required by law and a bid will be conducted among the author of the Project and all interested third parties. In the event no third parties show interest in the Project, it will be directly awarded to whom proponed it. “The PIs are a very flexible tool for investors (given that they define the structure they deem more appropriate for the project) and very useful for the State (given that it allows for the development of more infrastructure projects). The projects are no longer limited to those originated by the State, but also depends on the private sector”, says Miguel Sánchez-Moreno, senior associate of ROSSELLÓ Abogados. ROSSELLÓ Abogados advised the consortium in the design and structure of the project, including its presentation to PROINVERSION, and its direct awarding and execution of the contract. The project represents an investment of approximately US$100 million and consists of the construction of a reception and pumping plant to be located in Pisco, in which LNG will be received from Camisea, operated by Pluspetrol. From such plant the LNG will be transported to Lima by means of a pipeline of 245 km. which will be constructed by Poliductos del Perú S.A.C., until a storage facility to be built in Lurín. The contract is for a 30 year term and the project shall be ready within 3 years. As legal advisors to the private investor, Mr. Hugo Morote and Mr. Miguel Sánchez-Moreno of ROSSELLÓ Abogados; PROINVERSIÓN, Engineer Luis Ortigas and legal advisor Mr. Paul Sumar Gilt. Graña y Montero Petrolera S.A. was represented by Francisco Dulanto and Aldo Espinoza and Oiltanking Perú S.A., subsidiary of Oiltanking from Germany, by Mr. Andrés Bereihl.


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