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ROSSELLÓ Abogados advised the hospital consortium awarded by PPP

Monday, 13th September 2010 by Emiliano Mellino

ROSSELLÓ Abogados advised a consortium of healthcare service providers enter into a public private partnership (PPP) with ESSALUD, national social security agency, to finish building a hospital that has been paralyzed for over twenty years.

Latin Lawyer International publication reported that the agreement, under which the Trecca Consortium will have the management of the medical center for 20 years in exchange for an investment of $ 50 million, was signed on August 27, 2010.

This year, ESSALUD has started to develop the public private partnership (PPP) scheme by handing over three different hospitals to private investors.

The construction of the Tower of 23 floors began in 1969 and was abandoned in 1990. Members of the consortium, the Health Group of Peru and the American Hospital Management Company, hope the building has 100 clinics, 40 outpatient rooms and 20 emergency rooms.

ROSSELLÓ Abogados team of lawyers who were in charge of the operation was partner Miguel Sánchez-Moreno and associate Pierre Nalvarte.


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